The publication that has just been handed over to the readers is a summary of the project Warmth for Cities, implemented jointly by the UNEP/GRID-Warsaw Centre, the Veolia Foundation Poland and the cities of Warsaw and Poznań.

The main elements of the project were regional workshops with the use of the Ecocraft game, held in Warsaw and Poznań, and competition for an ecological transformation of designated areas, prepared primarily for local communities, but not only.

The competition projects, just as in the pilot project "Warmth for Praga" (about which you can read more at: were created in the game Ecocraft - "green adaptation" of Minecraft ©.

As a part of summarizing the Warmth for Cities project, implemented jointly by the UNEP/GRID-Warsaw Centre, the Veolia Foundation Poland and the cities: Warsaw and Poznań, in the 2019/2020 season, we had an opportunity to co-create the publication "Ecocraft. From a virtual world to a real transformation of urban space". The ebook has just been made available to readers.

Before the competition was launched, 3 areas were selected in both cities. They were chosen because of the particular presence of environmental challenges, which negative effects are felt by the inhabitants.

In the areas designated in Warsaw (sections of Ochota, Ursus and Centrum districts), special emphasis was placed on tackling the urban heat island and air pollution.
In Poznań, on the other hand, the activities were to bring beneficial results in dealing with the urban heat island phenomenon, as well as flooding associated with sudden rainfall.

In the publication provided, you can find presentations of the winning and awarded projects, statements of experts, an overview of the subject of social participation, as well as introduction to the Ecocraft tool.

We cordially invite you to read and enjoy the publication!
You can also read more about the Warmth for Cities project on the dedicated website.