The #DlaPlanety 2020 campaign has just started all over Poland. From today for the next year, the slogan of the campaign will remind us about the rights of Nature and how much we depend on it. From now on, the campaign activities are going to inspire self-reflection and discussion that has not been seen in the public debate yet. Activities started today will include nationwide outdoor & press campaigns, video and radio spots, as well as social media.

This year, the beginning of the #DlaPlanety (For the Planet) campaign as an event foregoing the World Environment Day (celebrated on June 5), started two weeks earlier.

This is because the theme of this year's campaign requires a great deal of space to signal all aspects of our lives that are related to this topic. This year's main hero of the global celebrations is going to be Biodiversity (meaning all organisms on Earth, species in all their variability and the ecosystems they create).

The slogan of the global celebrations this year is a reminder that year 2020 belongs to Nature: Time for Nature and slogan for the #DlaPlanety campaign is:

Save Nature. Save ourselves.

The loss of biodiversity is not only the disappearance of one or another species from the Earth's surface. It is a risk of a whole series of undesirable side effects – from the spread of invasive species in a given area, through the weakening capacity of the natural absorption of greenhouse gases by forests and wetlands, to the growing risk of spreading – either already known to us or appearance of completely new – zoonotic diseases (e.g. COVID-19).

The goal of the campaign is to raise public awareness of the most important environmental challenges related to the loss of biodiversity. In films and posters jointly developed by the UNEP/GRID-Warsaw Centre and the Syrena Communications agency, we will see words disappearing letter by letter. These are not any words, but a vocabulary reserved in public discussion for denoting nature and endangered species. In the campaign, this disappearance of words also symbolises their vanishing from public, economic, and political discourse.

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As part of this year's #DlaPlanety campaign, a wide range of topics related to biodiversity will be presented. We will explore the links between its protection and another important environmental problem – climate change. We will also broaden public knowledge about the negative effects of growing human pressure on nature, such as the risk of spreading zoonotic diseases or other threats to public health.

During the campaign, actions planned to be adapted to the Polish recipient with the participation of the most important actors of social and economic life – regulators, business, scientific circles, and NGOs. Honourary patronage over the campaign was taken by the Minister for the Environment, the Minister for Climate, the Ministry of Agriculture, the Ministry of Development, the European Commission Representation Office in Poland, the National Foundation of Environmental Protection and Water Management, and the Olympic Committee in Poland. The campaign is held under the patronage of the Australian Embassy, ​​the Embassy of France, the Embassy of the Netherlands, the Embassy of Norway. The media patron of the event is the daily RZECZPOSPOLITA.

Numerous companies, organizations and local governments joined the campaign – as a strategic partner of the #DlaPlanety campaign: Santander Bank Polska; main partner: BASF Polska, BNP Paribas Bank Polska S.A, Grupa Żywiec, McDonald's Polska, Zakłady Farmaceutyczne Polpharma S.A.; partner: Biedronka stores, CEC Government Relations, CEETRUS Polska Sp. z o.o., ERGO Hestia, Fundacja Veolia Polska, Galeria Mokotów, Galeria Wileńska, GAZ-SYSTEM, Havas PR Warsaw, L’OréalWarsawPlant, Lorisa Malaguzzi Village Foundation, New Orleans, ORANGE Polska, SUEZ, Syrena Communications, Westfield Arkadia, Wroclavia; community partner: CultureLab Foundation, Responsible Business Forum, PLANET HEROES; local government partner: City of Poznań, City of Warsaw; media partner: CR Navigator, Grupa OLX Sp. z o. o.,, PLANETE +, STRÖER Media, Teraz Środowisko.

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World Environment Day

It was celebrated for the first time in the world in 1974. Since then, it has become an opportunity to raise in public space such a variety of topics as water quality, desertification, climate protection, creating green cities, and friendly to people and the environment development patterns.

The "Save Nature. Save ourselves." campaign is directly linked to the World Environment Day (WED) celebrations organized by the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) on June 5. This year, the slogan of this global celebration is "Time for Nature": and its goal is to draw attention to the role of biodiversity for human well-being and environmental sustainability, which is necessary to maintain the continuity of life on Earth. As an institution implementing the UNEP mission in Poland, we are consistently strengthening the global message of subsequent World Environment Day campaigns.

Previous editions

In 2018, negative environmental effects of the production and consumption patterns of plastic products were addressed (#BeatPlasticPollution).

In 2019, the focus was on the link between air pollutions, and the global climate and public health (#BeatAirPollution).