The ‘Scenario Analysis and Environmental Reporting’ training, prepared by Go Responsible on January 23rd was organised in cooperation with the UNEP/GRID-Warsaw Centre.


The Centre’s sustainable development specialist, Bartłomiej Kozek, presented the newest scientific research from the UN system, such as materials from IPCC, UNEP or the ‘United in Science’ report.

Business and the Environment

Amongst the topics put forward by the expert were issues related to bridging the emissions gap between current trendsof greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and the reduction levels required to limit the growth of global temperature to 2, and preferably to 1.5 degrees C in comparison with the pre-industrial era.

Not only the global, but also the Polish contexts of climate change – such as extreme weather events or droughts – have been discussed during the meeting. 

Environmental pollution will influence the Polish business on several levels – from growing problems with access to water in the energy sector up to facing EU climate and energy ambitions, such as plans to achieve climate neutrality by 2050.

Looking Ahead

Kozek presented the most important initiatives, that will be put forward by the European Commission in the coming months – ideas of raising the GHG reduction levels from 40 to 50-55% by 2030, plans for supporting the development of offshore wind farms or electromobility, creating an industrial development strategy and developing net-zero steel production technologies.

Climate issues are becoming more important in drafting EU legislation – even in sectors that on first thought seem to be disconnected from this topic, such as plastics production or raising efficiency standards in household appliances.

All of these trends will require business to analyse environmental risks in their long-term strategies. One of the examples shown during the training was the ‘2050 Scenarios’ report by Arup – an example of ways in which one can analyse potential outcomes of environmental, social and economic trends.

For the People, #ForThePlanet

Participants from the energy, furniture and insurance sectors had the opportunity to listen to presentations of experts from Go Responsible, TAYLORS Group and Diaphane Software.

They had the opportunity expand their knowledge regarding issues, such as communicating and reporting ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) issues or measuring GHG emission in the company and in its value chain.

The workshop led by Przemysław Oczyp took place in Klubokawiarnia ‘Pożyteczna’ – an institution employing people on a low and medium range of the intellectual disability spectrum, creating a safe space for them in the centre of Warsaw.