Maksymilian received undergraduate degrees in economics from Warsaw School of Economics (WSE) and in power engineering from Warsaw University of Technology (WUT). He also received graduate degrees in finance from WSE and in sustainable energy engineering from WUT (summa cum laude). He is currently earning his doctorate in sustainable energy engineering from WUT, where he is also engaged in several national and international research projects. He also holds a certificate confirming qualifications to work with devices, installations and power grids up to 1 kV issued by Association of Polish Electrical Engineers. He is also a consultant for National Innovation Network, accredited by the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development.

For his “record of testing his theories in practical experiments and his innovative approach to improving energy sustainability”, he received the 2014 Green Talents Award from German Federal Minister of Education and Research. He was also awarded several international scholarships to perform interdisciplinary research at Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (Australia), Northeastern Illinois University (USA), Technical University of Denmark, and RWTH – E.ON Energy Research Centre (Germany).

At the national level, Polish National Centre for Research and Development asked Maksymilian to chair one of the evaluation committees of the Smart Growth Operational Growth Programme, which spurred the creation of innovation in numerous Polish SMEs.

Maksymilian has served as project manager in over 20 national and international R&I projects. Maksymilian’s scientific interests concern ICT applications in energy efficiency, impact studies, smart grids, sustainable energy, energy economics, and behavioral determinants of energy efficiency.