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Climate crisis which we observe today in the natural environment, manifests with increased average temperatures and intensification of heat waves, droughts, floods and violent weather phenomena.

Its impact will be demonstrated during the decades to come, in rising sea and ocean levels, climate-related migrations, easier spread of infectious diseases, water and food deficits, and increased political tensions.

The main cause of the global warming is high concentration carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases in the Earth's atmosphere. Regardless where in the world they are generated, emissions affect life on entire planet.

Increasing number of observational data confirms the trends which were previously predicted. Also, our new measurement capabilities facilitate the development of economic models which are now more accurately related to the effects of changing climate conditions. From these analyses, disturbing conclusions arise about the socio-economic costs of remaining on the track of business-as-usual.

A major role in the the climate action tasks implementation – from steps taken to stop the changes, to those related to mitigation and adaptation to their effects – will play the way we are going to respond to it as society, and and our ability to act together.

The level of education, as well as human and institutional potential will be determinants in our success in meeting these objectives. On the other hand, the overall awareness of the climate change causes will be an indispensable component of the necessary transformation.

All efforts to stop increase in global temperature now boil down to reduction of the carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gas emissions.

Today, more than ever, we need synergy and technical innovations. We need to change the patterns of production and consumption in the spirit of circular economy; we need resource and energy efficiency, renewable energy sources and other measures that will reduce greenhouse gas emissions and strengthen our ability to adapt to the changing world.



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