GRID  Almost 80 representatives of Mazovian local governments and non-governmental organizations participated in the conference "Green Infrastructure in Mazovia". Get more »
 SDGs Partnership  The UNEP/GRID-Warsaw team prepared a publication for the participants of the international event. Get more »
 SDGs Partnership  The participants of the event discussed the urban waste policy, the role of residents in sustainable development and the circular economy. Get more »
 UNEP  The director of UN Environment Europe was promoting a vision of cross-sector cooperation for reducing greenhouse gas emissions and building a circular economy. Get more »
 UNEP  Maria Andrzejewska, the director of UNEP/GRID-Warsaw Centre, co-chaired a debate on the role of business in the fight against climate change that took place in Sopot on September 26th. Get more »
 SDGs Partnership  The first day of the conference brought us many presentations and extensive exchange of knowledge between experts in the field of sustainable urban development. It was also the day of announcing of the results and awarding projects in the field of urban eco-economy. Get more »
 UNEP  On September 27, 2018, an initiative to improve the benefits of biodiversity will be presented. UNEP/GRID-Warsaw Centre is one of the participants in this initiative. Get more »
 SDGs Partnership  The innovative educational program is a result of cooperation between Veolia Poland Foundation, UNEP/GRID-Warsaw Centre, Praga Północ District Office and Veolia Energy Warsaw. Get more »
 SDGs Partnership  On August 30, 2018, the Australian Ambassador to Poland, Paul Wojciechowski, handed over to Maria Andrzejewska, Director of the UNEP/GRID-Warsaw Centre, a Letter of Support for the SDGs Partnership "Together for the Environment" and the measures taken for common implementation of the pro-environmental Goals of the 2030 Agenda. Get more »
 SDGs Partnership  The XXVIII Economic Forum in Krynica will take place on September 4th-6th. UNEP/GRID-Warsaw Centre's Director, Maria Andrzejewska was invited to take part in the panel discussion "Circular economy – the role of business in shaping consumer behavior". Get more »
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