During an expert debate held on 5th June in the Ministry of the Environment, the director of the UNEP/GRID-Warsaw Centre, Maria Andrzejewska, presented a declaration of actions to protect the global climate. The declaration will guide the activities of the Centre in the era of climate change.

Declaration of the UNEP/GRID-Warsaw Centre CLIMATE MISSION within the SDGs Partnership "Together for the environment"

- Being aware of the fact that we have only 11 years to meet the ambitious goals set in Agenda 2030;

- Considering the need expressed by the IPCC Panel to limit the growth of average global temperature to two, and preferably to one and a half Celsius degrees, compared to levels recorded in the pre-industrial revolution period;

- Noting that a failure to achieve this goal will be followed by unpredictable effects of changes in the global climate;

- Sharing the scientific consensus that it will result in the uncontrolled breakdown of ecosystems, the loss of biodiversity and the rapid deterioration of the quality of life in the world, and meaning that it will not be possible to implement the UN Sustainable Development Goals;

- Believing that the solution to the climate crisis will require closer cooperation and cross-sectoral partnerships.

UNEP/GRID-Warsaw Centre, initiator of the Partnership for the Common Implementation of Environment-related Sustainable Development Goals "Together for the Environment", which combines business, public administration, social organizations and scientific communities,

establishes MISSION CLIMATE in the framework of the Partnership "Together for the Environment" and declares the will to implement actions for:

- Expanding social awareness and stakeholder knowledge about climate change and its negative environmental, social and economic effects;

- Presenting links between climate policy and other sectors of social and economic activity, such as public health, quality of life or innovativeness of the economy;

- Exchanging good practices in the implementation of environmentally and climate-friendly solutions, such as the circular economy and just transition;

- Convincing to change business models, functioning of cities or economies, that will contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions as well as developing tools to achieve this goal.

These activities will be implemented and promoted among current and future members of the SDGs Partnership "Together for the Environment".

W invite you to join us!