.On 29-30 January 2019, Jaworze near Bielsko-Biała was a host city of the conference organized by the UNEP/GRID-Warsaw Centre: "Together for the Carpathians - effective partnerships for the preservation of the natural environment in the Beskid Mountains". The event was a part of the project: "Carpathians Unite – Flourishing Meadows", implemented within the partnership "Together for the Environment" with the company Żywiec Zdrój.

The purpose of the meeting was not only to deepen knowledge and exchange experiences but also to create partnerships that will enable effective protection of the natural environment of the Beskid Mountains. The event gathered around 60 people, representing business, landscape parks, NGOs, local action groups and local government. During the conference, participants were familiarized with the results of the project "Carpathians Unite – Flourishing Meadows". This project is an example of good intersectoral partnership: NGO (UNEP/GRID-Warsaw Centre) with business (Żywiec Zdrój).

The conference consisted of lectures and workshops. In the lecture session, Roksana Krause from the Department of Nature Conservation and Natura 2000 Areas from the Regional Directorate of Environmental Protection in Katowice, gave a lecture on: 'Why mowing is needed in the Beskid Żywiecki area ?". Moreover, Elżbieta Wołoszyńska-Wiśniewska, Head of the Education Department at UNEP/GRID-Warsaw Centre, presented the existing problems concerning water protection in the Beskid Żywiecki area.

Then, the participants of the conference were divided into four thematic tables: (1) "Biodiversity" (moderator: Dr. Monika Szewczyk, UNEP/GRID-Warsaw Centre); (2) "Water" (moderator: Tomasz Stemplewski, Expert from the Better Team); (3) "Air" (moderator: Wiktor Warchowski, creator and CEO of AIRLY – a network of low-cost air quality sensors), and (4) "Packaging" (moderator: Michał Mikołajczyk, Proxy and Sales and Marketing Director of Rekopol).

During the discussions, the participants addressed the issues of the broadly understood role of people in nature protection ("Biodiversity"). They raised the topic of myths about water and water resources in the region and also discussed how to improve the efficiency of water management in the Beskid Żywiecki ("Water"). Participants of the discussion around the "Air" table discussed problems regarding air pollution in the Beskid Żywiecki region. "Packaging" table talks, were among others about waste segregation and packaging processing for clean air, as well as packaging innovation.

In the evening the conference participants had a possibility to relax while listening to the beautifultraditional music of the Beskid Śląski – the concert was given by the "Wałasi" band.

On the second day of the conference, the participants had formed subgroups: "Education", "Partnership", "Innovation", and then they enageged in a strategic game "The Question of Time". During this game, participates acted as representatives of a large company and they attempted to achieve specific goals. They had to act quickly and efficiently because every moment could prove decisive and even priceless. The aim of the game was to emphasize the role of the team and cooperation, as well, as streamlining the planning and process coordination. The game was entertaining and, most importantly, every team won! 

The conference enjoyed great interest, and the participants had the possibility to broaden their knowledge and find opportunities for establishing cooperation and dialogue oriented on the protection of the natural environment of the Beskid Żywiecki.