A new series of meetings addressed to local governments joined the competition and international conference as a part of the ECO-MIASTO project. During the workshops, Polish and French experts discuss with local communities about people and environment-friendly urban solutions.

The inaugural meeting of the cycle, which took place on February 20th in Olsztyn, was attended by, among others Director of the UNEP/GRID-Warsaw Centre, Maria Andrzejewska.

The ECO-MIASTO workshop, which took place in the Polish-French Centre, was opened by the marshal of the Warmia-Masuria Voivodeship, Gustaw Brzezin, as well as the French ambassador to Poland, Frederic Billet.

The event was moderated by the director of the hosting institution, Małgorzata Czaplarska. Presentations were delivered by:

  • Dr Tekla Żurkowska, landscape architect, City Gardener, Olsztyn City Hall
  • Jean-Paul Aucher, President of the South Brittany Regional Energy Agency
  • Jean-François Quere, Director of the Office for Infrastructure of the City of Saint-Brieuc
  • Andrzej Gemra, Deputy Director of Renault East for Effectiveness and Development of New Renault Projects
  • Gaëtan Hinojosa, City Finance Lab

The wide range of topics covered issues related to the preservation and creation of urban green areas, thermo-modernization and renewable energy sources, mobility and financing of pro-environmental activities in urban space.

An important aspect of the discussions was the emphasis on the role of social participation in shaping public space, the operation of local transport systems and green participatory budgets.

The role of innovation, such as integrating electromobility in local energy systems or using second-hand batteries from cars as energy storage was also discussed.