On March 20th the ‘Rzeczpospolita’ daily inserted a ‘Responsible Busienss in Poland’ report.

Readers of the current edition of the publication were presented with a wide range of editorial debates and expert voices – including the ones from UNEP/GRID-Warsaw Centre.

The Centre’s director, Maria Andrzejewska, took part in a discussion titled ‘Responsible business thinking about the environment and climate’.

‘Most companies will comply to new requirements when regulations be implemented, along with a risk of penalties due to non-compliance’ – said Maria Andrzejewska, the director of UNEP/GRID-Warsaw Centre. ‘True business leaders are changing already, treating change as opportunity for growth of their companies and for having a better consumer-oriented offer.’

Andrzejewska pointed out to the Climate Leadership project as one of the ways in which the business sector can be nudged into taking a more responsible stance towards the environment. CL aims at supporting changes that will put it on the road towards climate neutrality.

Both CL and the SDG Partnership ‘Together for the Environment’ were mentioned in the article by Maria Andrzejewska and Bartłomiej Kozek – sustainable development specialist in UNEP/GRID-Warsaw Centre.

‘Emissions Gap Report 2019 published by UNEP leave no place for doubt – in order to avoid global ecosystem collapse we need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the 2020-2030 period by 7.6% per year’ – they remind the readers.

‘Limiting the average global temperature rise to 1.5 degrees will be possible only with the consistent, far-reaching work of public authorities and the business sector. We are working on Polish entrepreneurs to be the part of this process’ – they add.