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 In the press  On March 20th the ‘Rzeczpospolita’ daily inserted a ‘Responsible Busienss in Poland’ report. Readers of the current edition of the publication were presented with a wide range of editorial debates and expert voices – including the ones from UNEP/GRID-Warsaw Centre. Get more »
 In the press  Maria Andrzejewska, Bartłomiej Kozek and prof. Bolesław Rok were hosted in the daily newspaper on November 7 in relation to the "Innovations for the environment", an event taking place on that day. Get more »
 In the press  Director of the UNEP/GRID-Warsaw Centre, Maria Andrzejewska, took part in the discussion regarding creating a climate neutral European economy by 2050. Experts, representatives of public administration, business, NGOs and scientific circles analysed the scale of the challenge, requiring changes in producer and consumer behaviour, as well as a just distribution of cost of the transformation. Get more »
 In the press  Events in June, that were aimed at raising public awareness of the negative effects of air pollution, have met with considerable media interest, hence it became possible to reach wider audience and share the message about the challenges in construction and buildings, transport or the energy system. Get more »
 In the press  Publication relating to a wide range of topics covering interactions between humanity and the environment – from waste and resource management to smog and energy efficiency – had its launch before the international COP24 climate conference in Katowice. Get more »
 In the press  BASF has recently published an article in its industry magazine "Connect". The article is devoted to the missions carried out in the Partnership Together for the Environment. It emphasizes the values of multilateral cooperation to achieve common goals. Get more »
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